The New Chief Is Here

“It’s pretty simple. I’m called to be a radical disciple of Jesus that makes disciples.” Nate Roskam joined the Extreme team on April 13th as the Chief Development Officer based out of the office in Boise, Idaho. “My wife and I were praying through several other opportunities and were very deep into a process of discerning what the next step and season of ministry would look like. Brian called me and we went to lunch. I was not seeking it out; I would not have ever thought to apply for something like this. The meeting was totally led by the Holy Spirit. It was around the first of the year that we met, and after a couple months of discerning and conversations, I joined Extreme.”


So what does the Chief Development Officer do? He builds relationships with donors and seeks out opportunities for funding so Extreme can grow and expand. He puts it this way: “Some of my natural gifts are in connecting with people. I love to see the context of people’s lives and connect them to ways that their lives fit into Kingdom work and what God is doing in Extreme’s work. Because I believe with all my heart in what Extreme is doing and that the mission and vision of Extreme is God-inspired, my theology requires me to believe God is at work stirring those who will give and go! With this firm conviction, my call is to listen well to how God is at work and be the conduit connecting God’s resources with God’s Kingdom plan.”

DSC_0021Because Nate sees himself as a connecter, he believes the Holy Spirit is the One who does the hard work of moving peoples’ hearts. “It takes the pressure off, because it’s not about me making the right pitch or asking in the right way; it’s about really listening and seeking how the Holy Spirit is already speaking to people about stepping out in obedience to give financially.”

When asked about his thoughts on the job so far, he says, “I love it. I believe that the finances are there and there are people who have been blessed financially. I am driven by the desire to listen to the hearts of people around the country and probably around the world whom the Lord is moving to financially partner with Extreme. I love telling the story, of how God is continuing to define the narrative that is Extreme, giving people the vision of what they are partnering with and telling that story in a way that matches their passion and the gifts that God has given them.”

DSC_0007Nate was ordained in 2009 as an Elder in the Church of the Nazarene, has his Masters in Spiritual Formation, and is currently working on his Doctorate in Ministry from George Fox University. He has been married to his wife Melissa for 13 years and they have two children, Addyson age 9 and Stephen age 8. Before joining Extreme, he was on staff at Nampa First Church of the Nazarene in Idaho for nine years as the youth pastor and for one year as the young adult pastor. Melissa teaches second through eighth grade science at Liberty Charter school in Nampa. “The Lord put it on my heart over five years ago to raise up my replacement as Youth Pastor. It is in my DNA to empower young people and make space for them. Before transitioning to Extreme, I worked to help two young adult women who are licensed ministers pursuing their call to ministry move into leadership for the young adults.” The Roskams still attend Nampa First Church, a faith community that has become their home for the past ten years!

When he came to know Extreme, he realized that his DNA of making disciple matched Extreme’s mission. “I believe in what God is doing in the world, seeking to restore all things and bring people into relationship with Him through Christ. I believe in the Church of the Nazarene’s work in the world and in Extreme as a radical arm of the Church of the Nazarene, how it is innovatively reaching South America and I believe it will grow in other parts of the world.”

We are excited to welcome Nate to the team and look forward to how his role will grow and expand with him!


DSC_0484-2For two and a half years Chelsea served on the field as a 40/40 Church Planter in the Ecuadorian city, Ambato. She has recently started working on Extreme’s Messaging Team to excite others about mission work. Chelsea is currently in Nebraska raising funds for her work and spending time with her cats, one of the which snores loudly while she works from home. You can follow Chelsea on her personal blog at: