The Webbs

Before coming to Extreme, we lived in Clovis, CA, where we and our families have lived all of our lives Lynda had been working in administration for 12 years. Ron had been working for a local architect for 10 years.

When Ron came to Love Extreme with our church in 2010, he felt God calling us to something bigger than we could ever imagine. It took a few months to gather the nerve for him to talk to Lynda and once we began to pray together, it was clear that this was the plan God had for our family. We interviewed with Extreme in Nampa, ID, and 7 weeks later we landed in Lima.

When we were in High school we went on missions trips with our youth group and both have always felt a strong pull to serving others, whether that meant on the mission field in another country or the one at our own church.

We enjoy building relationships and doing whatever we can to support the 4040 missionaries that go out everyday and pour their lives into the community here in Peru and Paraguay. They are the hands and feet of Christ.

Through our whole Extreme experience to this point, we have seen that God is in control.  Sometimes ministry is uncomfortable, but when we are in the center of God's will, everything falls into place.