Bruno Radi Center 10 Year Anniversary

If you have followed us in Extreme Nazarene since our beginnings then you would be familiar with one of our very first projects in Argentina, the Bruno Radi Center. The Bruno Radi Center is a complex used to train missionaries and other kinds of church leaders to make an impact in the world. Ten years ago, On January 26, 2018, Extreme, along with Dr. Christian Sarmiento, Carlos and Liliana Radi and their family, Louis Bustle and General Superintendent Dr. JK Warrick inaugurated this center to the cause of Christ.

Extreme’s involvement with the Bruno Radi Center began with Doug Tibbs, when he talked to Dr. Cristian Sarmiento, the Regional Director of the South American Region, about helping finish the construction of the building. The project then was taken on by Doug’s son, Brian Tibbs.

We want to celebrate this ten year anniversary by saying thank you to all the supporters who made this project possible. The Bruno Radi Center was a pivotal project for Extreme Nazarene and helped forge the identity that it has today. If it had not been for that support, our organization would look very different.

There were several different phases of the construction. The first phase happened with the “Kid Zone” project in 2007. But arguably the most influential event happened during the project called “Extreme 08”. There were 446 people from 15 nations who came to work in “Extreme 08”. The Central Nazarene District of Buenos Aires approached Brian and proposed the idea that some of the volunteers could also help plant 10 churches during the project.

These church plants were not part of the plan, but after the project was done, they successfully planted the 10 church plants and helped complete the Bruno Radi Center. Of those 10, today 8 are still functioning, all of them organized within the Nazarene church and meeting in their own buildings.

When it was all complete, Extreme began to shift its identity into a church planting organization. This was how the concept for 40/40 was born!

Presently, the Bruno Radi Center is making a large impact on the community and the country of Argentina. They are able to host many different events in the center that fulfill the original mission, to train missionaries and church leaders.

Here is a list of some of the events that transpired over the year 2017:

Nazarene Events

  • NYC Central District Camp, 420 youth - January 2017
  • Ministry Encounter, Pirán Church of the Nazarene - May 2017
  • National Nazarene Pastor Retreat - August 2017
  • Altos de Pilar Church of the Nazarene Encounter - August 2017
  • Women’s Retreat - Central District - October 2017
  • National Ministries Conference and Seminary Graduation - November 2017

Other Events

  • Generation Impact Church, Rosario
  • IPCA Ministry
  • Young Lutherans National Conference
  • National Pentecostal Missionary Church Conference
  • Mission to the Nations Assembly - Women’s Conference
  • National Apostolic Assembly Church Conference
  • Presence of God - Adolescents Conference

Improvements and investments on the Convention Center made by the Argentines:

  • Installation of natural gas for the Convention Center
  • Installation of underfloor heating for the Auditory (7900 sq ft)
  • Remodel of 5 new rooms for 14 beds each. With this addition, the capacity for hosting is now 500 in just the Convention Center
  • Remodel of 2 couple suites. Con this there are now 13 available suites
  • Painted doors and windows of the rooms
  • Installation of lights in Convention Center hallways
  • Replacement of fire extinguishers
  • Update and improvement on the bathrooms on the lower floor

Obviously, the Bruno Radi Center was an incredible investment of Extreme’s time and our supporters monies. We, as Extreme Nazarene, are honored to consider ourselves a part of the history of the Bruno Radi Center, and we look forward to seeing it grow even more in the future.