Extreme's Core Values

After an organization has been in existence for a few years there’s often a culture shift. A time when the message and the mission evolves into something that looks different than the original. That’s not to say it’s any better, rather the direction has shifted and the purpose has been retuned. Extreme Nazarene has been a functioning missions organization since 2006. That’s nearly ten years, and in that time we have learned so much about what God is calling us to do. Just this past year Extreme moved it’s central South American office one country north from Peru to Ecuador. Many of our staff became dispersed with the transition and then new members were brought on board. The result was teams feeling disconnected from the body that is Extreme Nazarene. Every year, Extreme holds a Leadership Summit. Several members from the different teams from each department spread out across the world within Extreme are invited to represent their whole team, hear about new plans and policies and return to their service city to share with their peers. This year, one of the main focuses was to define our organization’s core values. It’s interesting to think that up until now, Extreme hadn’t defined it’s core values, but this exercise couldn’t have come at a greater time.

All those in attendance together worked through what should be our core values and narrowed it down to four words with one supporting base on which all our values rest. We are so excited about them and wanted to take a moment and share these values with you.

Brian Tibbs, our CEO, wrote this about our core values:

Discipleship - Within Extreme, we desire to have a culture of discipleship/mentorship where each leader disciples those who report to them directly so that everyone in the organization has someone to hold them accountable and to develop them as Christian leaders.  Outside of Extreme, we understand that the great commission applies to everyone and every member of the Extreme team strives to disciple new believers into spiritual maturity in Christ.

Passion - A deep passion for people in this world that still need to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ is what compels us at Extreme to do what we do.

Unity in Christ - In John 17, Christ prays for all believers to be united so that the world will know that God sent His Son to die for all.  We take that to mean that only if we are united in Christ, God will use us to bring salvation to the world.

Growth - Internal spiritual growth combined with improvement in our mobilization, donor development and messaging efforts will lead to an increase in our capacity to plant churches.  Growth in every area of our lives and our ministry is essential to fulfilling our mission as a ministry, which is to plant churches.

Spiritual Disciplines Foundation - As a result of the summit, we have decided as a team to challenge every member of the Extreme team from the CEO to the 40/40s to the accountants in the Extreme Centers to commit to two hours of SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES and one hour of physical exercise every day.  We believe that the only way to see God’s blessing in ministry is to commit to communion with Him daily.

Never has the environment in Extreme felt so thick with unity. We feel that with these core values anything is possible, especially when all of them are centered and founded upon an intense commitment to the spiritual disciplines. We are so excited to see how God is going to work through us as we work together in unity!

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