Pedal to Plant: Make a Global Impact in 2017

Pedal to Plant is a cross-country bike tour with the purpose of raising awareness, funds, and friends for church planting. Extreme Nazarene Missions is organizing the 4,200 mile tour, with the goal of raising $600,000 to support church plants in South America, Germany, and the U.S. Extreme Nazarene exists to change hearts and change the world through the transforming power of the Gospel, by creating self-replicating disciples and churches. One of the ways to not only continue the work of Extreme, but also to kickstart exponential growth, is through Pedal to Plant. Through ten states, during three months, riders will journey along the historic Trans-America Route. For each mile pedaled, funds will be raised to support six new church plants.

This journey is about so much more than fundraising. This is about connecting with friends from coast to coast. Extreme is coming to YOU! Along the way, we will visit churches on the route, spend face-to-face time with donors and friends, and rally support for the church planting movement.

A key element of this journey is to connect with those churches who have partnered with us and to make new relationships with churches who are passionate about international church planting. We will weekly have churches host rallies and services to encourage the riders, share stories from the mission field, and hold revival services to impact their own communities.

We are seeking people to be involved in all aspects of this ambitious project:

  • Full Riders: These are riders who are passionate about biking, love Extreme’s cause, and have the time available to ride coast-to-coast!
  • Leg Riders: These are riders who are passionate about biking and love Extreme’s cause, but do not have the time available for the full ride.
  • Shadow Riders: These are riders who are passionate about biking and love Extreme’s cause, but are unable to travel.
  • Covenant Partners: These are the folks who give, our donors. But they are more than donors, they give because they believe in this cause and because of the value they receive from being a part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Volunteers: These are people who don’t want to ride but can provide support,  including support-vehicle drivers, RV donors, cooks, medical support, bike/gear support, and prayer warriors (on tour/from home).
  • Summer Intern: This person would travel with the team across the country, interning in our Messaging Department. They would execute the media/marketing plan while on the road as they follow the riders.

This cause is so much bigger than ourselves, and you can be a part of it! For more information, visit, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Instagram.