A Day of Divine Appointments

Just what was going to happen on the mission trip was an unknown to most of us. Just what God had planned was even better that we could have put on the planning schedule.

Our morning began with a "scheduled  event "  that made an unexpected  tremendous impact us toward building discipleship for ourselves and  for others in  our sphere.  Appropriately this was called an "Impact Event". It DID! Our testimonies and open conversation drew us closer and kept our focus on the Lord.

Meanwhile, others  had other divine appointments. Mark Miller and Dan Fulton took Blake to work on the plumbing for someone in the church. Later Pastor Jason went with Kurtis, the to attend an adult rehabilitation program.

The realization that each of us was having different experiences really came through as we began the park event, inviting children and their families to come have fun and get to know us (Iglesia Puerta Abierta). The 40/40s welcomed and delighted the children, which was so appreciated by the parents as they joined in the fun. Many were then engaged in conversations and sharing the gospel story.

Team members did face painting and got to see the first excited look on the face of the children. Some received spontaneous hugs. Fathers joined in taking turns on the activities with our team members. No language barriers exist when there is joy, love, and laughter.

As the event was ending Kris Himelick and her brother Dan Grotrian and some 40/40s (interpreting) met a lady selling candy for her meager living. She is a Christian with many struggles and wanted to talk with someone who cared. That circle was filled with hearts warmed in Christian love.

As our time in Ibarra draws to a close, we know now the meaning of  phrase that kept recurring as we prepared for the mission trip, "Expect the Unexpected"  that  these are undoubtedly from our Heavenly Father.