Church Service and Evangelism Event

Day 3, November 15, 2016  On Sunday, the Antofagasta team had its second church service. So far the people who have attended are the cluster and the short-term teams, but that is soon to change! Until the building is completed, the services will be held in the 40/40 house living room. It is fairly spacious, but it was packed the day 25 of us worshiped there. So the church building will be necessary shortly.

After church, we headed out to the mall for our first evangelism event. Leah Haugh, 40/40, led the event. There were two cut-out frames for taking pictures, one with an Instagram theme, and the other Facebook. Hundreds of people stopped by to get their pictures taken, sign the frames, and give their contact information. A few stopped to really have conversations.

One of the highlights of the day was that we had a brand-new friend from Antofagasta join our event! Felipe Cisternas and Travis Jones’ (40/40s) met Jezrrel two days before during the Prayer Adventure, and met up with him on Saturday to get to know him. They invited him to come help us out at the mall, and he came! He is already a Christian, and we are excited to have him join us now in the early stages of church-planting here in the city.

What an amazing start to the journey here in Chile!