Construction and Grace

Days 4, 5, and 7: November 16, 17, and 19 Each day we got up between 6:30 and 7:00 AM for breakfast and then had prayer at 8:00 (except for Tuesday when we had 4:00 AM prayer). We left for the worksite around 9:00, which was about a half mile walk up hill. We geared up, donning hardhats, gloves, safety glasses, and masks.

We were partnered up and given a task each morning. We pulled down a surprising amount of stuff from the roof, caved in the roof and ceilings, tore down walls, and carried out lots and lots of trash. A truck came 1-2 times a day for us to fill up and be taken to the dump.

We tried to save some of the things we were pulling out of the house, but each night when we left, some of those things were stolen. We were getting frustrated because we had planned to put some of those things to good use in the 40/40 house and elsewhere. So on Thursday morning, Mark Miller (Extreme Construction Coordinator), led us in a prayer of blessing and grace for the people who had formerly lived in the house and those who were stealing the things (not sure whether they were one and the same or not).

That very afternoon when we got back from lunch, we found Norma, the lady who used to live in the house. She had come back for some things that she had left there. Renee Morales (Cluster Support) “just happened” to be walking back at that time. She was able to talk to Norma about some of the difficult things going on in her life.

We ended up gathering around Norma to pray. After the initial prayer, Renee talked to her more, and Norma said that she wanted to pray to accept Jesus as her Savior! So again we laid hands on her with praise for God in our hearts and lips as Norma prayed for Jesus to come into her life.

Isn’t it amazing what God can do with our prayers and our willingness? Just that morning we had prayed for the former occupants of that house. And within a few hours, Norma received Christ as her Savior. It is exciting to think what the future will hold, both for Norma and the church that will soon meet on that very site.