Love Extreme 2013: Crossing Cultures

Today I was a part of the promotional group that held a block party in Pastor Brian’s neighborhood.  We were told before we went that it is a “tough nut” to crack because the people there are more financially wealthy.  This being the case, there were not many people out at the event.  I am unsure of the specific number, but what I could tell it was mostly families.  I had the opportunity to help with the bounce house where all the small children came to jump.  I speak no Spanish, other than the small amount that I have learned here, but regular old fashioned motherly love speaks volumes. Smiles, hugs and kindness are always recognized regardless of what culture we are a part of.  One of the workers from the church had her daughter with her.  The daughter was upset but the mother had responsibilities at the Block Party.  I had some gum in my bag, so I offered her some gum. Within moments her little arms were wrapped around my neck as tightly as she could manage, and she stayed that way for the next five minutes.  Love, compassion and kindness always crosses cultures, tears down walls and crosses boundaries. And all love comes from Christ – Valerie White