Day of Prayer: II

So as day two is coming to a close, I am drawn to an amazing revolution... We have started as a group of strangers that were searching for each other in the Georgia airport (which, by the way, is HUGE AND FULL of people looking for other people). After just 2 devotional services, being joined by some pretty awesome 40/40 members, then laughing till it hurt (may I add during a church service) our group was separated and sent to be his hands and feet. Our diverse groups were set upon the city to do something as simple as pray. We all do it silently and sometimes aloud right? Sounds like a simple thing... but, to this community it's a way of life. Today, I prayed in a different way. Today, we prayed for the survival of a family, the strength of a community and for the future of a piece of dirt. Today we placed our hands on a person that asked God to bring one person and he brought 10. We prayed for our group, their group and any other group we passed. We prayed for the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor. I am pretty sure that there is nothing left in Ibarra that has not been lifted up to our Father. This city is one that most may look over but the people are worth the trip. God's almighty power is so strong here, He is doing great works in this place. I know that this group of crazy Americans will never "just" pray again.