Experiencing the Lord's Guidance

Everyone was curious  about what breakfast would be like.  Fresh tree tomato juice (similar to orange juice-only better!), scrambled eggs with ham, fresh-cheese, and a roll. All shared with good company making for a delightful first day wake up call.

Orientation with Kurtis  and Krista We learned the great story of the Lord leading the church to an even greater plan in Ibarrra and the sweet and powerful faith of the people of the church, the 40/40 church planters  and their local leaders.

We met the pastor, pastora and their son. Even though it is not even two years old, this is the largest church in the district. The new plan for our team allows Puerta Abierta(Open Door Church of the Nazarene) to work together with other churches in the district. This opportunity allows us to work with not only the church planted by Extreme Nazarene Missions, but also with other churches in need, building unity in the body of Christ.

In the evening we attended the prayer and fasting service with the families of the church, inviting us to love the Lord as a child and to be willing to risk ourselves, so our Heavenly Father will give us the abilities to do make the Kingdom bigger. The more we use the tools we are given, the sharper they become. Be careful not to rust.  God is generous; He will give us everything we need to increase the Kingdom.

Finally, as a special gift to the church for their prayers, the service was closed with "His Eye is on the Sparrow" on acoustic guitar blessing us all.

by: Rosemarie Kleber (Short Term Missionary)