Love Extreme 2013: God's Path

God's path fefature On our first full day in Arequipa we went on a Prayer Adventure around the city.  Each group went to various places of importance with two long term missionaries and prayed for the city in preparation for the rest of the project.  Here is a story from the group led by Kindra and Trevor.

Kindra and Trevor told us that they were off track.  In fact we were all over the place, they were being very creative on the path we took for our prayer adventure.  They took us to a great restaurant and we all ordered different things but we all got fish. But it was good. Kindra had a Tienda (store) in mind for us to pray at, so we went off to find it but it was way too busy so we left. Then we took a combi (bus) but the it went the wrong way.  Oh well, we had a long hilly walk instead and as we approached the Plaza de Yanahuara. Kindra said we still needed to stop at a Tienda, there was only one and it was empty so we went on in.  As we entered we heard Christian music playing in the background so Trevor and Kindra introduced themselves as Christians to the young lady.  She then runs out the door and hollers to a couple of her family members who own the store and they came right over really excited to see us.  They had been talking about the Holy Spirit on the way to the store in the car and praying that the Holy Spirit to guide them to a church, and then we arrived. We had a great conversation on faith and they were really looking for a place where they could grow and engage in leadership.  So we invited then to La Puerta Abierta.  They already knew Pastor Brian.  We also invited them to the Mega event and they all agreed to come to church on Sunday.  We prayed with them about the needs of their family. As we said goodbye there were hugs and kisses all around, it was definitely a God appointed event.