Ibarra Medical Clinic Monday

Monday began with a traditional Ecuadorian breakfast of fresh fruit (watermelon today), bread with fresh cheese, butter, and jelly, fresh fruit juice (today was taxo) and instant coffee or tea. Abi and Michaela, two of the church-planting missionaries here in Ibarra, led a Spirit-filled prayer time for both ourselves and those we would encounter today.

Our first medical clinic happened at Parque Los Ceibos, in the neighborhood where the church-planting missionaries live.  We used a community building there for the clinic and had the opportunity to serve 110 patients!

Around twelve of the short-term missionaries were helping execute the medical clinics, while the the other six were out in the park playing with the kids there.  The Registration and Prayer/Church Information tables were run local church leaders!  We had balloons for balloon animals, as well as frisbees and balls to use at the park.

Dr. Jerry Trotti had the honor of leading a young man to the Lord in the examination room of the medical clinic today.  It was an awesome highlight to the day.

We finished the day with a wonderful dinner at Bambuza (the restaurant where we will have all of our dinners but one) and celebrated the birthdays of Susan Paradee and Nancy Daugherty with ice cream cake.

It was a great start to our five days of medical clinics here in and around Ibarra.

Monday, we'll begin the day with 4am prayer at the church.  After a little rest and breakfast, we'll head to a different area of the city for another full day of clinics.

Today's recap is courtesy of Chris Stringer, Extreme's Short Term Missions Manager.