Ibarra Medical Project is Underway!

This week the Ibarra Church is getting a healthy dose of momentum from our Medical Short Term Team.  We have a great group of medical professionals and many others who have come to Ibarra, Ecuador to host free medical clinics all over the city this week. They arrived very early on Saturday morning in Quito, Ecuador and then travelled by bus to Ibarra a couple hours north in the Andes mountains.  After some rest, we had orientation at the church and then….a medical supply sorting party!

It is awesome to see how many supplies and medicines have been carefully selected and brought to Ibarra for this project.  Not only medical supplies, but also needs and wishes from the church planting team were brought down and supplied as well.  We are so grateful!

We started Sunday off with breakfast and prayer together.  Since the church has two services, the short term team had their prayer time in the pool area of the hotel.

We attended the Ibarra church’s 11:00am Sunday service.  They’ve outgrown their church space and have two Sunday morning services.  It was great to start off the project with worshipping together with the Ibarra church before a week full of medical clinics in Ibarra.

After lunch, we tried to go to the main overlook of Ibarra to bathe the city in prayer.  Unfortunately, the main way up to the overlook was dug up for road repair and completely impassible by bus and the other way up is basically only one lane and impassible by bus.  We were stopped by the roadwork about a 20 minutes’ walk from the top.  Some of the group went all the way to the top while the rest waited, enjoying the view of one of the beautiful lakes in the area surrounding Ibarra.

Since we couldn’t pray from the overlook, we went to the heart of the city, to the main plaza and prayed over Ibarra to lay the foundation of this week’s ministry.  We returned to the hotel after dinner and several team members inventoried medicines and prepared for Monday’s clinic.