Love Extreme 2013: Choosing Jesus

By Valerie White Yesterday we spent the afternoon handing out fliers and talking with people on thee street about the Love Extreme event that will take place on the 20th of July. Julie, one of the short term volunteers that is here from Eugene, Oregon and I were  wearing signs that attached to backpacks and walking around handing out thee fliers.

We decided to cross the street and give fliers out to the people there, when an American walked by. Julie stopped him to hand him a flier, and he asked us about the event. We told  him about Love Extreme, and how the people of Arequipa often claim Catholicism as their religion, but do not take their relationship with Christ seriously. They continued to live their lives for themselves. After Julie said this, he said, "I am a Catholic, but I take it seriously. I want to follow Jesus." He soon said thank you and was on his way. We continued to hand out fliers and talk with people,, but after about five minutes, we see Tim, the serious Catholic, walking toward us with tears in his eyes.
He comes up and tells us that it must have been God placing us there at that moment, to help him make a better choice to follow Jesus. He was out with his family all day, and had the opportunity to go back home with his mother in law, butt decided to stay in thee city. He was on his way to the bars to "fart around," as he called it, then came across Julie and I. The comment about Catholics taking their relationship with Jesus seriously convicted his  heart about where he was going, and he shared that he often asks for forgiveness from his priest, but continues to do the bad things that make him feel guilty. He poured his heart out to two women on the streets of Arequipa, and  the Holy Spirit ddid a good work in the ten minutes that we were there. We prayed with him, asking God to give him the strength to make decisions for Christ, and he continued on his way.
If any of you think of Tim and his story, please pray with us that he will continue to bee convicted by the Holy Spirit to make good choices for Christ, and that he might come back to the event on the 20th and renew his relationship with Christ.
Julie and I never expected to minister to Americans in Arequipa, but God has an amazing way of putting us in the right place at the right time