Love Extreme 2013: Encouragement

P1010494 During our walk this afternoon (July 15) there were two on our team that struck up a conversation with a mother and son, who were waiting for their transportation. They talked about the flyer promoting the Love Extreme Mega Event with Jose Ordonez. Not being fluent in Spanish, I just watched the conversation. The son about Ten in age, seemed interested in the event and appeared to know about Jose Ordonez. But the mother seemed reluctant to purchase the tickets, so we said our goodbyes and walked on. A minute later, one of the team members who was talking to this mother and son decided to use his own money and purchase a ticket and went back and gave it to the kid. Boy, did his eyes light up. He gave this team member the traditional Peruvian hug.

My hope is he'll attend the show, hear the Gospel message, remember us and make a decision for Christ. Talk about being an encourager, the topic of yesterday's devotional.