Love Extreme 2013: Mega Event

The Mega Event featuring the Comedian José Ordóñez was the high point of Love Extreme 2013. The event was surrounded in prayer, thoughtfully prepared for and enthusiastically promoted by 80+ short and long term Extremies. Anticipation was high and we were blessed to witness the work of God in the lives of so many.  José Ordóñez's message was one of hope for families. And it was received. There were some moments that particularly stood out; for those of us who are not Spanish speakers, hearing gales of laughter in response to José's presentation was contagious, and as the evening came to a close and the message of the Gospel was presented, to see families praying together and walking down to the alter together was an indescribable joy. While we can break the evening down to numbers, how many attended, how many accepted Christ, how many shared their information we have no way of measuring the true impact of that evening. We do know that God is faithful and always exceeds what we expect. Experience the evening with us in pictures (the numbers are included below click here for reflections from those who served at the event).

The Event by the numbers (including Sunday Morning service at the park):

1143 people in attendance on Saturday Night 245 people in church on Sunday 105 people accepted Christ and shared their contact information