Love Extreme 2013: Mega Event Reflections

1069897_664937590201298_1067763984_n WOW! All I can say is that God can do whatever He wants, however he wants, with whomever he wants, wherever he wants. Praise the Lord I have 200+ new brothers and sisters in Christ.  Blake


I watched at the door praying that God would fill up the seats and he did! At the close I stood in the balcony praying God would fill the alter and he did! Now we must all pray for God to fill the church with his people, with the purpose of winning Arequipa to himself…Knowing He will! Rachel Kuhn


I didn't always know what Jose Ordonez was saying but I loved watching him being crazy and hearing everyone laugh!


Even though we had just a thousand at the Extreme Mega Event, it was very gratifying to see we had a good turnout of the 30,000 flyers and myriads of other promotional activities. It was a special moment to see all these people at the alter to receive Christ into their hearts. God brought in just the right number of people to the show and to Christ for the Extreme staff. Their days to come will be extremely busy ones as they disciple new Christians. – Brian Studer


The event in Arequipa last night was incredible! After a very funny act by Jose Ordoñez, I saw over a hundred people move forward to invite Christ into their lives and into their homes, and into their families! As I expected, God moved in jaw-dropping, incredible ways! It moves me to tears with the excitement of knowing that God is always faithful, no matter what. Even in the crazy idea of bringing a Christian comedian from Colombia to Peru for an outreach event.

My life is ever changed knowing that this event was the culmination of months of work by people from North & South America, and possibly even more importantly, people all over the world praying for the people if the city of Arequipa, Peru to come to know Christ in a personal way.