Love Extreme 2013: Prayer Walk Reflections

This is my second full day in Arequipa, Peru, and it has already been worth every penny spent toward this trip. Beyond just the sight seeing, there have been so many ways that God has already moved in my life.
I met a quiet girl by the name of Brenda. Brenda is a 40/40 here in Arequipa, and she walks with a quiet strength and purpose that I have never experienced. She does not speak much English, but she is patient and helpful with attempting to understand what we are saying. Brenda was our guide, along with Cailyn, for the prayer walk through the city today. They were both so nice and helpful with every random questions  the rest of our group  had, and showed so much grace and care for the people of Arequipa.
I must explain to you what the prayer walk was... we walked through specific parts of the city, attempting to get not only the tourist understanding of the city, but also a sense of where the people are. It helped us understand what the people's struggles are, how they live their daily lives, and what they do on a daily basis. Arequipa is nothing like the United States where people stick to themselves and keep others at a distance. the people here are open, willing, and curious about others. The children openly laugh, smile, and talk with us. There is humanity  in every nook and cranny in this city, and they need Jesus.
Brenda was our guide through one of he markets here, and she would point out all the areas that had something to do with witchcraft, tarot readings, and other dark supernatural forces. It  is unlike America, where these things are often not talked about or seen. These businesses are right out in the open, and even the shrines to Jesus are heavily covered in layers of idolatry and supernatural beliefs. One particular photo I took was of a broken and bruised Jesus... and one thought came to mind: we do not worship the broken and bleeding Jesus. We worship the risen Lord! As christians, we have the power of christ within our lives to break the chains of darkness in the city of Arequipa. We can either share the ways the  Lord has set us free from bondage, or we can continue to live our lives comfortably in our pretty little houses. which are we going to do?
As I walked today and prayed for the people, one song kept coming to mind. I would like to share the lyrics with you:
Create in me a clean heart.
For I have turned away from you.
Save us from our ways, Oh God, oh God
For we have turned away from you.
Lord have mercy...
we will run to you, we will run to you
Turning from our sin we return to you.
Father heal your world , make all things new.
make all things new.