Past Extreme Short-Termer Appears On The Today Show


Our recent Short-Term Missionary Stacey Louidice appeared on the Today Show this past week to be surprised and honored for her heart to give back. Her friend wrote into the Today show to tell them how Stacey had helped her during a hard time when she lost her husband.

Not only are we excited that Stacey got to share about her experience helping build the church building for the plant in Antofagasta, Chile, but also how beautifully she shared about her motivation behind her giving heart, "God motivates me. I think of Him as the Creator and He's not too busy to know about every hair on my head." That is the amazing thing of it all! He has created us all, and yet He loves us each so dearly!

We are so honored to have had Stacy on the field. Thank you Stacey, for your willingness to follow God into people's lives as He asks you to serve!