40 Days Testimony: Nicholas

Hi, my name is Nicholas. I am from Plattsburgh, NY. My 40 Days Experience actually started when I was sixteen. I have always had a desire for missions since I was twelve years old. It happened the when I was sixteen, I felt that I was old enough to go on a mission trip by myself. So, I began looking for mission trips online and found the 40 Days Experience with Extreme Nazarene. I spoke with a mobilizer and then talked to my parents. Unsurprisingly my parents said, "no". They felt I was still too young to go out of the country alone. I see now they were probably right.This past fall (2015) was when things changed and the beginning of going to the mission field took flight. It was October and I was finishing an assignment for a class. After I finished, I started looking at the mission’s trips again. I stumbled upon Extreme Nazarene's page and literally as I pulled up the page, I received a call from my old mobilizer from three years ago. That completely blew me away. She reminded me that I wanted her to call me in a few years and ask again. We began to talk for an hour about what 40 Days was and how to start applying. Despite how happy I was and how ready I was to just leave it all and go, I had to bring the idea up to parents.

I got home that day and spoke to my parents about everything my mobilizer talked to me about. Where I was going, how long, the price of the trip, etc. I asked them to at least pray with me about the decision. After about a week of praying, they had a peace about me going and said "yes!" I was so excited. That day I signed up and filled out all the forms. I began to think of ways to fundraise for the trip and as a result, through God’s provision, I was able to raise the full amount a month before it was all due.

Soon after, Manta, Ecuador, the city where I would be going, had a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. That moment I had such a heart for that city and the people that I was going to come in contact with in Ecuador. Even though it was only for 40 days, God had called each of us to be in Quito to serve way before the knowledge of the earthquake.

While here in Quito, it has only been sixteen days, and in those sixteen days, I have learned so much with the studies we have done in the different disciplines. Such disciplines as fasting, solitude, simplicity, worship, praying, etc. While learning all these new disciplines, God has shown me more of who he is and what he wants me to be as a missionary. I thought when I would come here I would be called to be a 40/40. I wanted to be one so bad. I love the country and the people. I especially loved the way the Extreme goes about planting churches. However, being a 40/40 was not what God wanted.

For about a week I was fighting God and my parents about it. I kept asking him, “Why have you called me here knowing I would want to stay and be a 40/40, and say no I don’t want you to be?” I kept asking him that multiple times. But then it dawned on me during one Tuesday morning prayer service. Chase, a leader here at Extreme, had us pray for the Manta church and the team going there. After, he asked us to start praying for our own cities back home. It was there that God said I need you back home to make disciples there. I finally realized that this whole time I am here is to train me so that I can go back to my hometown and change my city from the inside out. I am still called to be a missionary, but I now know I am called to be a missionary in my city after my training here is complete. Ever since, he has shown me ways he wants me to go about changing my city. But it starts with the obedience to God and his direction in all of this.

40 Days Nicholas
40 Days Nicholas

For the rest of the 40 days, I am choosing to let God pour out His spirit and His words from the Bible so that I may pour out what I have learned and have been called to do in my city; to make disciples of the living God. Nicholas is one of the participants in this years the 40 Days Experience. 40 Days is literally a 40 day long mission trip that takes the participant onto the mission field to learn about spiritual disciplines and discipleship while having the opportunity to work directly with the 40/40 Church Plant Missionaries their same age. Read more about the 40 Days Experience by clicking here if you’d like to learn more.