A God Story: Luis

ambato city image We met a man named Luis Silva during our encuestas (surveys) the first week we were in Ambato, and at first he was cold to us. Several weeks later when we were able to make a connection with him, he wanted us to meet his son who was struggling with an addiction to alcohol. However, he did not appear to want to talk to us about his own personal life. His son accepted Christ, as well as his wife and brother, but he kept his distance. This past week, we came to his house to do a Bible study with his wife and son, but he stayed upstairs. After the study was over, he came downstairs to take us home. As we began driving, he quickly turned on the radio, and we thought that was a sign that he did not want to talk. However, he immediately started sharing about all the changes he had been seeing in the lives of his son and wife and how he did not understand it. We explained to him that it was the work of the Holy Spirit in their lives, that his son could leave a life that was so destructive to him and begin anew. He said, “It has to be. Nothing else makes sense.” There was peace in his home. He was in awe of how God could take his son’s life and change it from the inside out. It was soon clear that Luis had a hunger for this in his own life as well, and God used his son to bring him to that point. As we pulled in front of our house, we sat in the car and talked for a while and asked him if he would like to begin a relationship with Christ, and he responded “yes”, like he had been waiting so long for that moment. It is so incredible to see how God is not only taking the life of one person and transforming it, but is also transforming an entire family. All glory goes to God! - Nancy & Chelsea