Mariel's Testimony

Mariel 2 copy Before July 13th I knew about God because of my Catholic background, but he wasn’t that important to me, but when my English teacher Lourdes invited me to have breakfast with her God began to show me who he was. At this breakfast Lourdes told me about what God’s word says and about the need to repent and follow Him. During that meal God convicted my heart and I repented. God gave me the desire to love Him and helped me to feel happy even though I had a lot of problems in my relationship with my mom.

Time went on and I went to a church called “The Way” where I learned more about the love of God and there I participated in about 4 or 5 church services. A little while later I met a friend of Lourdes named Nora who has a Casa Abierta in her home. I was invited to the Casa Abierta and started attending, later I was invited to their church Puerta Abierta and I started attending fairly regularly.

As I began learning more about God, He began to start revealing to me the bitterness that was buried in my heart. As I continued to attend Casas Abiertas and church I met lots of people that have become very important in my life and have also planted in my heart a desire to get to know His word.

After a while I decided to attend one of the churches spiritual retreats. During this retreat God began to show me things that I was unable to understand, for example like how God’s love is much greater than the love of my mom. This was so wonderful, it changed my whole being; before that I lived in despair due to the bad commitment I had had with my boyfriend. I realized I struggled with low self-esteem but now I am beginning to understand my identity and worth in Christ.

After the retreat I decided to obey Christ and be baptized even though I knew my mom was against it. I now had a stronger desire to know more about God and to share him with others. I started assisting discipleship classes and inviting all my friends to come to church with me. After discipleship classes I started leadership classes because I want to be a part of this church and to help others know Christ too.

I still struggle sometimes; every day is a new beginning and battle. I still pray for my ex-boyfriend and for my mom that they will begin to understand the love I have for Christ! But I know God is helping me to become whole again and that He is my strength when I am weak.

Now that I have finished leadership classes I am going to be working with some of the missionaries to open and lead a new cell group where I can invite my friends and share more about Christ.