Rudy's Testimony

Providing food for kids at VBS My Life Before I grew up in a Catholic family, where my family taught me respect and love for God, and also for the saints and the Virgin Mary.  I attended a Catholic school, but at 13 years old I had already drunk alcohol, was rebellious against my parents, and argued a lot with my brother.  At 17 I started to smoke marijuana, and spent many nights at my friends’ houses drinking - waking up the next morning to continue drinking. Even though I was doing these bad things, God was protecting me and never abandoned me.  One time, after a night of drugs, alcohol, and no sleep is when I felt God’s hand for the first time; my friends wanted to keep drinking even at 5am. I wanted to participate with them, but I felt a hand on my shoulder that prevented me from continuing.  On another occasion, I was climbing into a friend’s house and part of the wall broke.  As I fell and hit the ground, I felt two hands sustaining me like a pillow, and my arms were stronger than normal as they fended off the sharp rebar.

Rudy at Casa Abierta at his house My Conversion A few years later I stopped drinking alcohol and taking drugs, but found myself in a legal battle with the mother of my child.  One day I was headed to the courthouse to visit with my lawyer when something made me change from my normal route.  While on the new route, I saw a group of people with a roulette wheel.  I curiously watched and saw that the group was asking questions from the Bible.  I participated and won a chocolate bar.  The group gathered my contact information, and a week later they visited me in my house.  I had doubts because I worshiped the Virgin of Chapi and had come from a Catholic home.  They visited me again, we conversed deeper, and they invited me to attend the church- and prayer services, and discipleship classes.

Baptisms march 17_6 edited My Life Now Many people are surprised by my change, I’ve been mocked and teased but that doesn’t affect me.  When I first attended church, I felt like I wanted to run out of there, and I think that’s because Satan didn’t want to let me go.  I also had a lot of headaches and anxiety, but now I am a new person and have been reborn spiritually. Ever since God touched my life and I gave my burdens to him, I feel like I’ve unloaded a backpack full of lead.  Many things have changed and God is working in me.  Some of the blessings I’ve seen Him do in my life are the following:

  • ·  On my birthday my son came to visit me for the first time in 6 months.
  • ·  My mother was having problems with her job so I prayed for her.  The next day she called me and said that everything was going well and that her work had moved her to a much better place.
  • ·  It has been years since I’ve spend time together with my mother and brother, and recently my brother came and we all went out to dinner, took pictures, and did other things that we’d never done before.
  • ·  I keep visiting my son in the kindergarten, and I have a relationship with his mother that is much more mature and fluid.

Rudy and son