Testimonies from Ambato

God has been moving ahead of the Ambato Team, preparing people to here about His love for them.

Here are a few stories of God working.

We have a friend named Lorena who is 21 years old and was generally lost in life, without a stable home or job and a million questions always in her mind. Why is my life this way? If there is a God, why isn't He helping me?

We prayed with her on May 10th and she, despite all of her logical doubts beforehand, really wanted to accept Jesus into her heart. About 2 weeks after that, she found out she was pregnant for the 3rd time with the baby of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, who actually had just accepted Jesus into his heart a week before.

We met her for lunch to talk and counsel her through this difficult time of transitions and, to our surprise, she told us that she is happy. She is happy in her life because Jesus is in her heart. She knows that things are and will always be hard, but finally she said she is at peace. Praise our Jesus!! Just when I thought I needed to defend God's honor and might, God knew what He was doing and showed up in her life despite us. Thank you Lord!- Nikol and CJ

We had a meeting set up with Carlos Silva, one of our contacts that has accepted Christ and is working through some difficult things right now. We expected him to come alone, but instead he brought his uncle Rodrigo to the meeting, who is processing through some difficult experiences and needing advice on how to be a single parent to his four year old daughter. In the process of talking to him, we offered him some advice and convinced him to bring his daughter to church. As we started praying, however, Nancy stopped the prayer and said, “I’m sorry, but I can’t continue praying until I ask you a question. Would you like to accept Christ as your personal Savior?” His enthusiastic “Yes!” surprised us, and we continued to pray with him for salvation. He attended church today (Sunday, June 2nd) and reaffirmed his decision to leave the past behind and begin a new life with Christ.-Nancy and Chelsea