To have church, you need people. Many may wonder,“How do you get people to come to church in bulk numbers?” In our case, we go to the people and then we perform what’s called “Consolidation.”


In the life of a 40/40 missionary, we have a lot of different jobs and responsibilities to complete. One of those very important tasks is to consolidate (or to organize) contacts that we make. HOW DO WE MAKE CONTACTS?

  • Every week, our team constructs different evangelistic events. In these events we preach the gospel and invite people to accept Christ. (The number of people varies: we could have a group of 20 people after projecting a movie – or be one-on-one with a person on a park bench.)
  • Additionally, every 4-6 months, we have a short-term team from the states come and give of their time to help us create larger events to attract more people. Our hope is to collect contact information and invite all of those new contacts to church.


In December, just before Christmas, we had a short-term team come and help us make well over 100 contacts! Right now, our job is to consolidate those people.


  • Our team consists of ten 40/40’s. The contacts that are made are divided up by gender: Male contacts go with the men, and the female with the women.
  • We work in pairs. Each of us has a partner of the same gender, opposite continent. Each pair gets their divided amount of contacts.
  1. CALLS
  • Once we have our list of people, we start calling. Calling is a major portion of this process. We don’t want to just invite them to church – we want to build relationships with them, earn their trust, find out where they are in their spiritual walk.
  • During our calls, we ask if they would like for us to visit them (whether in their house or a coffee shop). If not, we handle it by situation and always let them know our church doors are always open for them. If they are open for a visit, we coordinate when and where to meet.
  • The first visit is crucial. We want them to know that we are investing our time in them and that we want to be there. We introduce who we are, what our work is and why we are doing it.
  • A first visit could last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or more. We ask them questions about their family, kids and work and typically they ask us questions too.
  • Our main priority is to invite them to a house of prayer (bible study) and to our church. We never want to push too hard, but we do want to “nudge” with authority. ☺

The end of the visit:

  • We always try to end our visits with prayer. When we leave their house, only the Holy Spirit can take it from there.

The general process of consolidation is 3 calls/3 visits. We don’t want to overload them or ourselves. If we can have an impact, we only have a small window to do it in. That is why we cover so much of our time in prayer and time spent in the Word of God.


  • That is the process! Consolidation never ends – it is like the wheel of the world spinning around. If we stop the cycle of consolidation, how would we get more people to come to church? Why would we want a church that stops growing? Because if we were to stop consolidation, we stop growing as a church.

We want to grow. We want to tell more people about the good news of God. We want to complete the great commission! All we have to do, is continue doing what we are doing.