Girl's Night & Guy's Night

This past Friday we were able to do our second girls night, we like to create an environment where each of the ladies feels comfortable and welcomed, so with that in mind we created wake up sleeping beauty, with the theme of the night being are you a Martha or a Mary? We had 5 ladies participate, 2 who have participated in the past, 2 who are members of the church and 1 who was invited from our house of prayer. It was a night full of smiles, laughter, food, games, and a special time of prayer. Sandra who just arrived in Antofagasta at the beginning of February, had only been to our house of prayer one time, but when she heard about the girls night immediately wanted to know how she could participate. She told us all at the end that she had enjoyed the time immensely, each one of the ladies had a story to tell, and it was exciting to see the ladies make a connection as well as creating a unique bond within our church. We cannot wait to see what God has planned for these ladies at our Encounter in a couple of weeks! -Maia Reynolds

One of the longings we have for our church is that those who attend would be active participants, not people that show up on the weekend or during the week just to observe or listen, but people who make the a difference in the world with the love they have received and in turn show to those around them. This past weekend we had an event that would translate literally to “Guys Night,” it was a time where eleven males gathered together to enjoy games and fellowship, but more importantly actively pursue God’s will for their lives. It is a rare occasion in the general Church when men gather together to seek God’s presence and will for their lives, not to listen to a sermon, but to work out what real commitment to Christ and to the Church looks like. The night was filled with laughter, food, and Jesus. Relationships were strengthened and hearts were challenged. The results of that? Men committed to serving Christ, their families and the Church.