Holy Week at Ibarra Church Plant

For Holy week we had three special events to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Friday Night we had a Vigilia (vigil), Saturday night we projected a Jesus film and had a drama in Parque de los Ceibos and Sunday we had a special resurrection Sunday service with seven different preachers preaching on the last seven phrases of Jesus life as He was dying on the cross.Ibarra1 Friday night’s Vigilia was from 8pm to 12am. We had two different sermons preached, three different games, four different times of prayer and many worship songs played. In attendance we had around 65 people total and of those 65 around 50 stayed for the entire four hours. It was definitely a blessing to see so many people there celebrating Jesus. All in all it was a night of celebration and victory. Saturday night we had a special projection of the Jesus film at “Parque de los Ceibos” with a drama re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus. Around 25 people showed up to watch both the movie and the drama. At the end of the night we gained 13 new contacts. And Sunday we ended the celebration of Holy week with the special service of seven words. We had one single service that lasted about three and a half hours. We had seven different people preach the last seven phrases of Jesus’s life as he died on the cross. Five 40/40s preached (Samuel, Matt, Abigail, Michaela, and Jeremias) one phrase each and our Pastor and Co-Pastor (Yoan and Kurtis) preached one phrase each. The service also included the same drama we did in the park. Holy week went very well and helped grow some momentum in the church. Very blessed and successful week.

by Sam Quiroz, 40/40 Ibarra Church Plant