Ibarra Friday: Games, Songs and Jesus...The Good News for All Ages

Friday morning, May 22nd, began with our normal time of prayer and worship.  We then spent time preparing for the afternoon activities- putting together bags of candy, kits full of personal hygiene items, organizing coloring books, crayons, and other craft items.  The team also rehearsed songs for the afternoon.

The team divided into two groups for the afternoon - one went to an girls’ orphanage and the other to a home for the elderly.
The orphanage group did a program for the girls (there are about 30 in all between the ages of 5 and 16) that included group games, songs, and a gospel presentation.  We also had stations setup to give manicures, paint faces, and make balloon animals.  We served a snack as well.  Several members of the group spent time playing with the kids on the playground equipment and on the soccer/basketball court.
Those at the home for the elderly sang some songs, played some games, and spent time with the people there.  Most of the people in that home have been abandoned by their family and are desperate for any attention they can receive.
Friday evening was off for the team.