Ibarra Monday: Can I Get a Witness...and a S'more?

The team spent Monday morning May 25 - 1hearing the testimonies of five of the seven church-planting missionaries in Ibarra. They also heard the testimony of Diana, one of the leaders of the Ambato, Ecuador church plant who came up to help with the project. One of the missionaries here is without a partner, so she came and has filled in for two weeks. The Lord worked in an amazing way as the missionaries spoke with a spirit of humility and confession.

May 25 - 2Both the church and missionary house were blessed by the efforts of the short-term team this afternoon. They washed windows, cleaned out refrigerators, disinfected the children's toys, and many other things.

The evening was spent around a bonfire at the home of the missionaries. We heard the remaining two testimonies and sang together. S'mores, popcorn and other snacks were also enjoyed.

It was a powerful day of experiencing the power of both listening and speaking/testifying.