Ibarra Monday: Preschool Tune Up & Health Check-ups!

Monday, May 18th, went great!  So much was accomplished as the May College Team continues to work with our church planting team in Ibarra, Ecuador. Regan and Reed Smith from Olivet Nazarene University share their experience Monday in Ibarra:

"Like most days we started with a nice breakfast at our 10999695_10153277524756215_8980976198360289676_ohotel followed by a time of prayer. This was led by two of the 40/40 missionaries at the Nazarene church, Puerta Abierta. We focused on shining the light of Christ through the work we are doing here in Ibarra and also when we return to the states. We were reminded that it is by the grace of God we are able to live the lives we have and we should live them to the fullest, serving and glorifying Him. Heyner and Matt left us with the challenge to be a light in the darkness in all we do for the rest of our trip, at school, in our work, and to our families.

We then left for our project of the day at Pastor Yoan's son's preschool. We went with groups ready to serve in different ways. Some painted pieces of the playground and others began on a mural. A group of medically interested students began work with the kids. We took their height and weight, heart rate, and other vitals. The kids finished this time with learning about hand-washing and teeth-brushing. It was such a joy to work, play, and laugh with these kids.

This event filled most of our day, only stopping for a quick lunch at our normal restaurant, Bambuza. Throughout our day at the preschool we worked on completing various tasks. The health people shared with the mothers about their children's health while others finished painting in the playground. Some men worked on mixing concrete and pouring a sidewalk for the preschool. Finishing felt like such an accomplishment! We could then take a moment to admire the finished mural; Jesus and the children with Matthew 19:16 painted underneath. A remarkable time, underscored buy the beautiful mountains that are constantly overlooking us.

It was so encouraging to see our team working together, with no complaints, sharing and showing Christ's love. We feel that we have been blessed with such a caring, hardworking team who truly represent the body of Christ. In our team debriefing time, one of our favorite times of each day, many shared that they are feeling both spiritually full and challenged. We are in awe of what God is doing here in this beautiful city and feel blessed to be an part of it. We thank you for continued prayers as we continue to let God use us."