Ibarra Sunday: Worship, Recreation and a Birthday Celebration!

Joe Melsha shares our Sunday, May 24th, recap.

Our day started with breakfast at 8am followed by a prayer session at 9am led by Chris. Then we headed to Sunday service where Pastor Yoan preached an amazing sermon about the saving power of God.

After service we packed our lunches and took a bus to the Laguna Lake. After a fun time boating, go-carting, and hanging out we headed to Bambuza (the restaurant that has provided most of our meals) for surprise dinner.  At dinner the owner had brought in a worship band that played many familiar songs in Spanish.

The food was great and I also got a birthday cake for my 20th birthday. I got to participate in the Ecuadorian tradition of taking the first bite and someone pushed my face into the cake! It was a much needed day of fun with the team. In our team debrief session it was evident how close we had become and how much God has changed us through this trip.

Tomorrow we hear from the 40/40 missionaries and will spend time serving at the church. Continue praying for intentionality as we finish up our time here.