Ibarra Super(hero) Sunday!

As, Erinn Proehl, leader of the Olivet students on the May College Team to Ibarra says, "Things are still going incredibly!" 11163165_10153274706971215_4386259795709087251_oHere is an update about Sunday from Mathew Bowden on the team:

"Today we began with a wonderful breakfast and prayer meeting in the hotel. During the prayer time, our group did a "speed dating" prayer where we rotated to spend a few minutes in prayer with each person. It was so powerful and encouraging to hear our group being so open and vulnerable with each other while the Holy Spirit's overwhelming presence filled the room. We could not have asked for a better start to the day.

We then attended our first church service in Ibarra, Ecuador. The message presented by the Pastor was both convicting and encouraging to each and every one of us on the trip. He spoke on commitment in life and specifically commitment to Christ and how to truly live a life fully devoted to God.

In the message, we were reminded that a life worth living is one that is fully for The Lord and one where we are completely surrendering ourselves to him. My favorite line the Pastor said was, "A life fully devoted to God is not easy. He did not give us a pillow to relax, but gave us a cross." The sermon was much needed for myself and I know our whole team. After all the conviction, tears, and goosebumps we then headed to lunch before putting on our youth event in the city's central park area.

We began the youth event by handing out fliers to many families and children walking around and then praying that God would use the event to bless many people's lives. "Jesus is my superhero" was the theme of the event. Many songs were sung and skits performed for the many children at the event. Around 300 total people passed through the event while we were working. The joy we brought to the little children and their parents was so energizing and opened our eyes to how much of an impact we are already making in this city. Many contacts were gained for the church through this event which was ultimately our main focus.

After the long day in the park we ate dinner and returned to the church where we prepared for our medical and construction day tomorrow. God is so great and his presence is SO apparent here at this time. We continue to ask for prayers for our team and that God's work may continue to be done here through us."