Ibarra Thursday: Sandwiches, Loom Bracelets and Prayer

Thursday, May 21st, consisted of several parts.  We began the day with a time of prayer and worship led by Kurtis and Pastor Yoan.  We also discussed the topic of compassion, as it pertained to our planned activities for the afternoon. The rest of the morning was spent preparing for our afternoon events.  This included making drinks, sandwiches, and bracelets from loom bands.  These were given out this afternoon at two different hospitals here in Ibarra.  We divided into four groups in each hospital - the pediatric wing, the general waiting/reception area, and two groups out front.  Those in the pediatric wing prayed for the children there and their families, giving sandwiches to those present, as well as stuffed animals that the short-term team brought and the bracelets we made.  Each family and patient was prayed for as well.

Similar activities occurred in the reception area with those who were present (minus the stuffed animals).  At the main entrance to the hospital, the first group gave out drinks and sandwiches to those waiting outside and the others managed a drawing for care baskets to be given away.  There were also may children to play with in the outside area.  It was really touching to be able to bring a little bit of joy to the lives of the people there, as well as remind them that someone cares about them, especially in this difficult time.

This is the day of the week that the church fasts, so we fasted dinner.  The fasting service held each Thursday evening featured the showing of a film (which they do each month).
We finished the evening by making around sixty cards to give away tomorrow at the orphanage and home for the elderly.