Ibarra Tuesday: Start Early and Finish Strong

Leah Kepley, Trevecca Nazarene University Student gave us the Tuesday May 19th recap.

For our team in Ibarra, Tuesday began at 4 AM as we creeped our way over to the church for prayer, sleepy and dazed. Each pair of missionaries had prepared a word to speak to us; afterwards, Ceci, a local church leader, preached about overcoming fear in our lives.

In this two hour time, God's presence was undeniable. For many of our team members, this time of prayer and discipleship was their favorite aspect of the trip so far.

After a few more hours asleep, the team traveled back to the church for a workshop given by Kurtis and Chase. The workshop covered an incredible amount of information. We discussed the Master’s Plan and the way in which the church in Ibarra sought to fulfill this model; we talked about intentional discipleship and bearing fruit in our lives as Christians.

Then, Kurtis had us write down and pray for particular people that God has placed in our lives to disciple. Face-first on the ground, we lifted up both these people and ourselves to Him. For many of the team, this was a profoundly emotional experience. Conviction, feelings of inadequacy, and anxious thoughts about unsaved loved ones were brought to light, and this time allowed us to explore the places in our lives that God wishes to uncover and eliminate.

After lunch, we traveled to a park in order to promote the Color Run being held on Saturday and to play games with people in the park, both of which allow for the church to make new contacts with Ibarra’s people.

Almost immediately after beginning to pass out flyers promoting the run, Chris instructed us to stop because of a problem from the city. Some man of authority in the city had a problem with the flyers, and we finished the afternoon by playing with the kids.

After a delightful dinner of pizza (so wonderfully American), the team traveled back to the church once again for a time of worship and testimony. Kurtis led us in worship and then opened up the floor to the team for discussion. He wanted us to share the ways in which God is currently working in our life, and we were led in a time of vulnerability, praise, and support of one another.

We found out that the Color Run event will not be happening on Saturday as a result of the day’s complications, but we were able to pray over the involved missionaries and lift up the situation to God. This day was a full one, but in the busyness, God is working. He is working in the lives of our team as well as the people of Ibarra.