Kickstarting the Cordoba Church Plant

Right now we have our first-ever Kickstart Team on the ground in Cordoba, Argentina! Our Cordoba Cluster (the church planting team) arrived in the city last month.  Normally, we wait a few months before sending a short term team to a new Cluster, but we are pioneering a new idea: the Kickstart Team.

With a Kickstart Team, the plan is to send a Short Term team to a Cluster in their first few weeks of ministry to focus on street evangelism and making contacts.  The goal is go leave the Cluster with a large pool of contacts, so they have a ministry base right away in their new city.

This Kickstart Team is a High School Team from Prairie Heights Church of the Nazarene in Fargo, ND.  They arrived on the ground on Monday and have been doing great things in the city of Cordoba.

Here's a quick look at they're travel-tired selves at orientation.  It's a looooong way from North Dakota to Argentina.