Love That Transforms Lives

Victor is a guy we had met at one of our neighborhood events. Victor was an extreme alcoholic for who knows how long. Everyone in the neighborhood knew who he was and that he was often times drunk. The week after our event we visited him at his house/room. We shared with him what we were doing and about Jesus. He went on to accept Jesus into his heart and asked that we continue to come back and visit him. We visited him the next week and he said that he hadn’t had a drink since the last time we were there. He looked a lot better and you could tell that there was definitely something different about him. We shared the Bible with him and told him that we would be back again to visit with him. We were very surprised to see him that Sunday in church. It was so cool because he had the biggest grin in the church and genuinely wanted to be there. He looked so different and so much better that one of the guys on our team, Marcos, didn’t even recognize him. He continued coming to church and was interested to hear more. After a few weeks we came up with the idea to paint his room for him so that it wasn’t only blank concrete walls. We also had a couple in our church who had an extra bed that they were willing to give him. Up till that point his bed was some cinder blocks with ply wood on that and some foam pieces for a mattress. One morning we went to his house and took his old bed out in order to paint the room. He didn’t have much in his room, a bed, some clothes hanging on nails in the wall and two small boxes that he kept things in. We got to work, painting the walls and talking with him and his son in law, Luis. We put a few layers of paint on the different walls, and fixed up some of the things in his room like the light bulb and light switch that were just dangling by their wires. When we were done painting, one of the guys on our team, Craig, went to pick up the bed that had been donated and brought it back. We assembled it, finished cleaning up and left him to his new room. We continue to visit Victor and he is doing well. He has been working construction which is a really good thing. He consistently comes to church on Sundays and now on Wednesday nights which we just started. He genuinely wants to hear what is shared and always comes with a smile. He now has not had a drink in over a month and we thank God for that. We are so grateful for Victor and his story. It is so cool what God is doing in his life and we cannot wait to see how God will use him in the future. If you think about Victor and Luis, please pray for them as they are both new believers and are hungry for God.