Passing the Torch

In Antofagasta at the Extreme church plant, the 40/40 missionaries have finished the final steps of the transition to local leadership. Several positions of leadership within the church, as well as the houses of prayer have been handed over to trusted members of the congregation that are ready and passionate to rise up into positions of leadership. It was not an easy task planting this church. Each 40/40 required commitment to the vision of bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth. “We started our journey 2 years ago in October, with just the dream of having a church full of people and now finishing up our time here we have so much more. We have a church under construction, not just full of people but full of people who love and want to serve God. Getting here was not easy. Challenges such as change in leadership and 40/40´s proved difficult to overcome, however, God used those situations to make the team stronger and to create a church that does not just survive, but thrives”. Says Maia Reynolds, 40/40 Antofagasta Church Planter.

The church planting team intentionally taught their disciples that each moment is a unique opportunity to share God’s love and by doing that spread transforming love, peace, and joy into the city of Antofagasta. It is the 40/40’s prayer that leading others into an experience with God would continue to be the passion which drives the members of the church each day. Even though the 40/40’s have returned home they still get to be apart of the growth of the church through their partnership in prayer. We ask that you do the same.