We love it when God multiplies the harvest. In Extreme, we often celebrate the multiplication of churches, small groups, and disciples. It’s not very often that we get to celebrate the multiplying our offices and countries of influence! I finished my time as a 40/40 missionary in Cordoba, Argentina in April, had almost four months of rest and relaxation and fundraising and working in the States before arriving in Brazil two weeks ago to open a new Extreme Center. This is our first center that will train church-planting teams in Portuguese. Our first team will arrive in January and begin their work in Anapolis, Brazil in April 2018. Opening an office in Brazil also allows us to strengthen our relationship with the Nazarene Church in Brazil, share our vision of planting discipleship-based churches, and send young Brazilians missionaries to share the gospel. We already have eight Brazilian missionaries working in Extreme churches in Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina. Having an Extreme Center in Brazil helps us with the logistics of getting funds from Brazilian donors to our missionaries in other countries. Although we love multiplying the reach of the Kingdom, there’s not a particular affinity of multiplying the number of currencies we work with or languages we translate. It’s all worth it to multiply number of people and families being set free by God’s grace and forgiveness.

My first two weeks here in Brasilia, Brazil’s capital, has been non-stop. A two-day leadership conference, Father’s Day with my host family (different country = different holiday dates), a woman's Encounter with God retreat, and two full work weeks with Portuguese classes, seminary classes, evening church services, and lots of homework. Somehow in the midst of all that, I also toured and priced a possible housing location for the teams that come through and have spent a lot of time learning about the leadership/small group model used by the local church. Brasilia is beautiful. The people are infinitely kind, the food is always delicious, and the climate is warm and dry – perfect for an Idaho girl. I’ve even had my first quintessential missionary moment already. I visited one of the satellite church plants of the central church a couple days ago. I walked in five minutes before the service started and sat in the second row. Someone walked by and casually asked, “Hey, do you want to play keyboards with the worship team tonight?” I was sure they were joking until they very seriously stopped and waited for an answer. I stuttered, “I don’t know any of the songs,” in my still very broken Portuguese. “That’s okay. All the music is printed. Go ahead.” And I did. And it was super fun. And I can’t wait to do it again.