Welcoming Amanda Duerre

Amanda The Extreme Office in Quito, Ecuador has a new member! Amanda Duerre stepped in on April 8th as the Human Resources Coordinator. Her job will be to work with incoming 40/40s and long-term staff, making sure all their paperwork is completed and their questions are answered.

One cannot exaggerate the need for this position. “We just need someone who connects people; all these people who do all these different things. My vision is, as people come into the organization, I can say, ‘This is your question and this is where you go.’ I wouldn’t necessarily answer all their questions, but be the person that gets them to the right people.”

Because Amanda has walked that road and been the new person, she understands how difficult the process is. On top of the logistics, she sees her job as so much more. “I want to be an encourager to people as they’re coming through this huge process and help remind them that God called them and He has them. He is going to provide it all, and He’s going to show the way. Who knows what each one is facing back home. Perhaps they are encountering discouraging questions, and I’m apart from that and separate. I can be the encouraging voice that helps draw people and keeps them going when the process gets dark and confusing.”

Amanda has been married to Chad Duerre (Church Plant Officer for Extreme) for nearly 16 years and together they have two children: Ella, age 9 and Thomas, age 8. She enjoys lifting weights with her husband and investing in and discipling her children. Amanda has a background in social work and she and her husband have been with Extreme for five years, mostly as cluster support for 40/40 teams in Peru and Ecuador and serving in their current positions.


Amanda sees Extreme entering a new phase of ministry where many staff members are experienced in the organization. “It’s a reassuring thing for people. It’s not like it has been in the past, where the blind are leading the blind and deciding, ‘Let’s muddle through and figure it out together.’ We have people who have been around a while, and it makes the whole process so much smoother.” There is no doubt that there are exciting days ahead for Extreme!

Please join us in welcoming Amanda Duerre to the Quito staff, and we look forward to seeing great things!

DSC_0484-2 For two and a half years Chelsea served on the field as a 40/40 Church Planter in the Ecuadorian city, Ambato. She has recently started working on Extreme’s Messaging Team to excite others about mission work. Chelsea is currently in Nebraska raising funds for her work and spending time with her cats, one of the which snores loudly while she works from home. You can follow Chelsea on her personal blog at: http://chelseamaxine-all-in.com