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I was born premature in Saginaw, Michigan to Margarette and Tim Stearns. My family and I moved to Montana when I was about one. I have two siblings, one little brother, Timothy and one little sister, Natalie. I was home schooled in kindergarten and then went to a private christian school for all of my elementary years. I was then home schooled again for 7th, 8th and 9th grades and returned to Valley Christian School in my sophomore year. When I was fourteen I went on my first missions trip to Peru, South America and later in my junior year I had the opportunity to go on another mission trip to Cali, Colombia. Through out my childhood I have had a pull towards missions and being a missionary. As I got older I began feeling a stronger pull to the mission field and my first missions trip open my eyes to just how strong that calling in my life was and is. At this time I have graduated High School from Valley Christian School and am preparing to go on yet another adventure as I prepare to leave for Salta, Argentina in January of 2017. It has been amazing to see how God orchestrates circumstances and events to do his good and perfect will.

Diana's work:
2016-Present - 40/40 Church Planter NA (Salta)