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After being raised in a family of faith, it wasn't until my senior year of high school that God revealed himself to me in a fresh and new way. The summer of my senior year I got the privilege of going to a conference in Durango Colorado called MOVE. While I was there the presence of God and the authenticity of His followers completely drew me in. The last night of the conference they had an alter call if we felt like we were called into ministry, and it was that call that would end up shaping my entire life. I could not resist the call that God placed upon my life to be in ministry, that entire summer after leaving Durango up until my second semester of my freshman year of college resulted in me hearing a whisper within me saying "Ministry, Ministry, Ministry". It wasn't until I gave Jesus Lordship over me that He then gave me a new family, where he placed me into a church that surrounded me with encouragement and helped me grow deeper in my relationship with Him. Being in this new family presented me with the opportunity of going to Haiti and when arriving I completely came alive. God transformed my heart on this trip, giving me a hunger and thirst for more of Him. 

Once we arrived back in the states, one of my mentors helped me learn to pray in a different way. Through this, for the first time in my life my mind went completely blank and I was completely focused on the Lords voice. I asked God what my future looked like, and He spoke three things to me, "Missionary, Leader, and Pastor". Since then I have had the opportunity to go to Haiti once again, where God continued to draw my heart into missions. 

This last April I went to a worship concert in Wichita called Outcry, while being there the Lord grabbed hold of my heart for missions through a presentation of Extreme Nazarene. I immediately texted the number given to contact the organization. 

After coming back home, many other opportunities arose, knowing what was in my heart, but making me unaware of what to do. From there, I asked God to give me clarity specifically when I was in Haiti in May, and there the Lord gave me a very clear clarity on what I was to do. While in Haiti, out of the blue, we ended up helping a Nazarene Missions Organization. Once I realized God’s clear answer to my prayer, I instantly contacted the organization once getting back home, letting them know I wanted to be a part of Ardeo. 

Now I am extremely excited to be a part of Ardeo Global, and for God to use Ardeo to lead me farther into the calling He has given me.

Garen's work:
2018-Present - 40/40 Church Planter