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Kellie Mendenhall

HR Coordinator
Boise, Idaho

I had the opportunity to sign up for a 2 week trip to Ecuador with my church…little did I know, God wanted more. Here’s my story…

Christ has been the center of my life since I was born. Growing up, I went to church every week, twice a week. I loved getting involved in any way I could – whether it be on worship team or short-term projects. In junior high, I went on my very first short-term trip to Mexico. Since then, I’ve been on countless short-term trips all over the world: San Francisco, Las Vegas, Belgium, Switzerland and Israel. None of these lasted longer than two weeks – and I was just fine with that!

This past year, God had been pressing on my heart the idea that something more would be coming…I had no idea what that meant. So I just continued to pray and keep seeking Him about it.

In preparation for our church’s trip to Ecuador, our leader asked me if I was getting excited for it. I told her I was excited, but also nervous at the same time. She didn’t understand why I would be nervous. I explained to her that the Lord was trying to reveal something to me – there is something more He wants. She said, “More. Like long term missions?” I had no clue. I told her that long term has never been a desire or passion of mine. She explained, “Kellie, if it’s the Lord’s desire, He will make it your desire.” I was so unsure – I could have told her she was crazy.

I prayed and spoke to God about it a lot! Through the leading of the Holy Spirit, I looked into Extreme Nazarene, spoke with some missionary friends of mine and asked a small group of friends and family to help pray about it.

Well guess what? My leader was right! God did a miracle in me by transforming my heart to further the Kingdom of God in a different country. Within a month, I was approved to be a missionary in Cuenca, Ecuador for 28 months! I’m so excited that God wants to use me to be a part of someone else’s miracle in their life.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your prayers and various ways of supporting the work that God is doing in South America.
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Kellie's work:
2016-Present - 40/40 Church Planter