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My name is Kirby Schuler. I am 33 years old. I was born and raised in Delaware. I graduated valedictorian in 2003 from Greenwood Mennonite School. In 2007, I graduated with honors from Houghton College with a BA in Intercultural Studies, Concentration in Linguistics, and a minor in Missions. I have been on numerous volunteer/mission trips visiting 6 continents and more than 12 countries. I have also volunteered stateside.

It is a blessing to be fulfilling my calling to full-time mission work by serving as the Short-term Team Coordinator. I love learning about other cultures, being pushed outside of my comfort zone, learning to think outside the box, and problem solving on the fly all with Christ’s guidance. It is my preference to experience other cultures by immersion rather than exclusion and I have worked to move in that direction whenever possible even if it means living in what many would call “substandard” conditions.

I am always growing and pursuing more of Christ in me, and I am very thankful for His open and loving arms that have helped me follow His calling for my life! I have a God-given passion for helping others in whatever capacity I am able and enjoy using my skills and abilities in ministry!

Kirby's work:
2016-2018 - 40/40 Mobilizer (Boise, ID)
2017-Present - Short Term Team Coordinator (Quito, Ecuador)