Winter 2020: Brazil Construction Team

WINTER 2020: January 17-26

Travel days: Jan 16 & Jan 26 (9 nights in Rio)

Price: $1,290 + round-trip flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Payment Deadline: Dec 15th

Do you love to get your hands dirty for the Kingdom? Are you gifted in construction work?! Love to work hard? We need you! We are remodeling our new missionary base in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to be able to host up to 40 mission school students. There is a ton of work that needs to be done in order to launch in May 2020. Therefore, we are opening up Jan 17-26, 2020 for a small group of people who like hands-on remodel type construction. We will be doing drywall, tile flooring, plumbing, electrical, painting, stucco, welding and other miscellaneous construction related stuff. Anyone with skills in these areas and/or a willing spirit is welcome to come. And hey, being in Rio is not too bad either ;) Find yourself in one of the most diverse and beautiful cities on earth and escape the cold with average temperatures in the 80’s during the day and 70’s at night. If this sounds like something you want to take part in, don’t delay. Join Ardeo Global for an exciting 9-day construction trip in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by registering below!

This trip will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

To help with the airfare process, please register with your full legal name as it appears on your passport.  Please note that there may need to be one additional day for departing or return travel from Brazil based on flight options.

**** Notice on Airfare and Flights:
Ardeo shall provide all services required to book and purchase flights. Ardeo will estimate the airfare cost from registrant’s departure city and add that estimate to the price quoted. Ardeo shall purchase airfare on behalf of registrant only after having received complete passport information and receiving sufficient funds to cover airfare cost in full. Registrant is responsible for 100% of actual flight costs, even if costs exceed the original quote by Ardeo or its partners. Payment sufficient to cover 100% of flight cost is due to Ardeo at least 90 days prior to travel. Payment in full for entire package including flight costs is required 60 days prior to travel. Any registration that does not comply with all policies above may be canceled without refund. ****