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Hello my name is Marco.

At the age of 15 to 16 years old, I met God. It was my brother who told me about him, since he was the first to know of God. Before my brother talked to me of God I was a very depressed person and had even attempted suicide. When my brother told me about God's truth, at that time, I did not think God was very important.  Sometimes I went to church and other times I did not.  I went when wanted to.  One day I went to practice singing and playing the guitar at this church, but the church was not there. They said the church had separated and closed. So I went away from God. Time passed and my life was becoming harder with friends, alcohol and many things that were destroying me. God knew I was not interested but He saw me.  There was a day when I just wanted to end my life.  After work, I went home carrying a new CD. I did not know what it was. Upon returning home I went to my room and cried like you can not imagine. When I heard the CD I brought with me, something happened to me, and the thoughts of ending my life vanished. It was a CD of Christian music, and the song I heard was An Angel Cries.

After that, I had several experiences with different churches, but was not involved in them for a long time until my sister invited me to the Church of the Nazarene. The first thing that caught my attention was the missionaries.  I was curious and asked about them. Soon I was attending the church attending my first Encounter with God where the Lord gave me a call. It was clear what I was supposed to do. I attended the leadership classes, and in another Encounter, I start talking about my call.

Time passed and there was another conference where God was even clearer in His purpose for me. I began to pray and fast. It was at a youth camp in Pedernales, Ecuador. The pastor began to speak at the time of the altar call and said those with the call to missions should come forward.  I went and said, "Lord have your way." In the church in a time of prayer God spoke to me and said, "Plough and plant the land. And what you see, that will be your reward. "And what I saw was a future family.  I saw my future wife and my children. It is something I had never experienced.

And God has called me. I'm here ready to do His work to rescue lost souls for God.

Marco's work:
2017-Present - 40/40 Church Planter