Mobilization Coordinator

We are looking for a passionate, effective communicator to serve as a Mobilization Coordinator for Ardeo Global. This position requires frequent travel to seek out those who have a call to missions who are looking for an opportunity to serve cross culturally. This opportunity allows one to recruit, encourage, pray for and help individual get to the mission field to serve.


Job Responsibilities

  • Seek out and engage people with a call to serve in missions

  • Support potential missionaries through the process of initially learning about Ardeo to talking about their calling until they eventually apply and interview

  • Present in speaking engagements in churches, youth groups, youth camps, retreats, small groups and one-on-one with individuals sometimes in their homes.

  • Engage in online and offline social networking, phone prospecting and referral generation

  • Work with pastors to plan and coordinate sending short-term mission teams

  • Engage people in becoming interested in being financial supporters of Ardeo

  • Be involved in serious discussions with people about their life’s calling and discern where they could serve in Ardeo, if applicable

Job Requirements

  • Extensive travel by air and car in the USA and Canada

  • Manage travel schedules, supervised by their manager

  • Book necessary travel

  • Effective written and verbal communication

  • Highly organized

  • Efficient use of email and other communication tools

  • Ability to appropriately prioritize and complete multiple tasks

  • Provide accurate reports, when necessary

  • Passport