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Born in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 2000 I came to the USA with my parents as missionaries. We had the vision to reach out the Spanish community, to plant a church and make disciples. God gave me a great talent to be a musician been worship God in the music by playing drums, guitar, and singing. In 2012 God spoke to me and put in my heart to work with the youth in our church. To reach out to them the word of God. In 2015, I met my wife in Guayaquil, Ecuador.
In 2016 in our District Assembly during a service the preacher was talking about God has something plan for you, that God was speaking to you right now and to come up front. I felt that night that God was calling me to work as a Missionary. That night I felt God wanted to use me in other ways, that He had something plan for me and my wife. I felt like a burning sensation inside, in my heart. God was speaking to me. He was telling me "To go and reach out, change hearts, Go and make disciples" God knew I came to this country to be missionary and plant churches, to reach the lost and show them the Love God has for them.
God was calling me the same way He called my dad. To follow my dad's footsteps. At the beginning of 2017, God gave me the opportunity to travel to Manta, Ecuador to be a translator to help out at the Summit for Ardeo. My wife and I had the honor to go and God did amazing things during those days. I was blessed to hear how God was working with each one of them. God was also calling me to work with Extreme to reach out and use me to help those in need. I am blessed to be part of Ardeo, to reach people around the world, and to tell them about the Word of God.
Just as Abraham obeyed God's request to get out of his land and his kinship. So we do today waiting for Him and in His wonderful promises. "He is always faithful." You can be part of this great adventure by supporting us in prayer and with your resources.
God Bless

I am from Cali, Colombia. A daughter of pastors, I started to know God when I was 16 years old. Since I became a Christian, I haven't stop serving Him in various areas in the church, like being a leader for the Youth, Counseling, Sunday School, Worship, and disciplining. I love serving the people. I feel in my heart compassion to be able to share the Love of God. God has been talking to me for a long time to serve Him outside of the 4 walls in the serve Him in different ways. I had the opportunity to go to a Mission trip for 2 weeks to an indigenous community. It is beautiful to see other cultures that want to know the Word of God. In 2015 I met my husband. We both felt in our heart that same calling, we prayed to God so He can open doors so we could work in missions. God has done it!  I am blessed to be part of Ardeo.

Ronny's work:
2017-Present - IT Coordinator

Marlen's Work:
2017-Present - Well-Being Coordinator (Remote)