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My walk with Christ has been a long process, but has been moving faster than I realize. Coming from a traditional blue-collar family, I  was raised in a church my whole childhood. Went to Sunday school, got involved in youth group and based my life on those morals and principals. Then life took a different turn. I still knew there was a God, and everything that the Bible taught I valued, but I didn't really know him. I started doing things I shouldn't have, and really thought I could live this double life I made for myself. The memory of when God changed my life is the most clear and perfect memory I have. He hit me like rock in my chest, and I shouted to him in repentance, and praised his name. I had never felt such relieve, such joy, and such love before, and I knew what my life's purpose was then and what it is now. 

On a personal level, since becoming born again, my life has been different. I was a pretty shy, introverted kid but getting involved with my church, and God challenging me to do other tasks has made me more open and "free spirited". To many hobbies like photography, music, videography, and also a very much outside person. Hiking, camping, fishing, backpacking, skiing, hunting anything outdoors I'm there. But I also like to go out: see a movie, trying new places, or just being around friends and good people. 

My life may be busy, and unfortunately boring at times, but I trust God has nothing but good things planned ahead, and I'm no stranger when trying to find something adventurous, and if its for his kingdom and will, even better!

Michael’s work:
2019-Present - 40/40 Church Planter