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Sheli Gartman

Well-Being Coordinator
Boise, Idaho

I love my work with Ardeo!
I coach all the Ardeo Staff on and off the field with team building exercises, understanding different viewpoints & personalities, working with individuals on their personal issues that may be in the way of ministry, conflict resolution & much more. My team and I also provide one on one support to missionaries and refer them to other specific professional resources as needed. I see myself as a missionary to the missionaries! If they are highly functioning, stable, & communicating well they are going to be much more effective in the field for God!Full time ministry is one of the most challenging jobs out there. They need a lot of love & support, & this provides one very important resource.

I was raised in the lovely N.W. of Spokane Washington. I attended NNU for English Education & Speech Communications. I am married to Steve Gartman of Yakima, WA. and we are incredibly blessed with three children; Traedyn 4, Teisha 7, and Tyger 14.

Sheli's work:
2010-Present - Well-being Coordinator